Best Gluten Free President’s Choice Products

President's Choice (PC) Logo. President's Choice has a great line of certified gluten free products!

If you live in Canada like I do, I’m sure you’ve heard of President’s Choice (AKA PC) grocery products. And if you haven’t, you’re going to want to learn about them because they have their own line of certified gluten free products that are available at many grocery stores across Canada! Since I have tried basically all of them, I have decided to break down the absolute BEST gluten free President’s Choice products available to make your GF shopping a bit easier.

President’s Choice is a Canadian brand of grocery products sold in stores owned by Loblaw Companies Ltd. The stores where you can find PC products include:

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Loblaws
  • Zehrs
  • No Frills
  • Your Independent Grocer
  • Fortinos
  • Valu-Mart
  • Freshmart
  • Provigo
  • Maxi (Maxi and Co.)
  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Atlantic Save-Easy
  • Super Valu
  • Dominion in Newfoundland
  • The Real Canadian Wholesale Club
  • Extra Foods
  • Shop Easy Foods
  • Lucky Dollar Foods

With so many options to find PC products, it is super convenient that they have their own quality gluten free product line. The products are even certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association making them safe even for people with Celiac Disease. Also, I find that most of the products are competitively priced when compared to other gluten free brands. These savings really add up when you’re trying to eat gluten free affordably!

PC Express

President’s choice also offers an online grocery shopping service called PC Express. It is available at many stores across Canada. You can conveniently shop from the comfort of your own home, and choose to whether pick up your order or have it delivered. I enjoy this option because it gives me the time to thoroughly scan through product ingredients to make sure everything I am buying is gluten free. It also allows me to easily compare prices. And best of all I can order all of the best gluten free President’s Choice products!

PC Optimum

What I also love about President Choice is they have an awesome points program, called PC Optimum. Signing up is FREE so make sure you take advantage of saving points to get some money off your groceries (who couldn’t use that in this economy?!).

And if you really love President’s Choice, it might be worth your while to get one of the PC Financial Credit or debit cards. They make it super easy to get free groceries because you accumulate points for every dollar spent and you get even more points for money spent at PC stores. This is truly the only credit card I use, and I find I have points to use towards my grocery bill almost every time I go shopping! For more information, visit the PC financial page here.

Best Gluten Free PC Products

Now that you know a bit more about Presidents Choice, here are my favourite gluten free items available in their certified gluten free product line!

1. PC Gluten Free Spinach and Goat Cheese Beet & Cauliflower Flatbread

Picture of President's Choice Gluten Free Spinach and Toast Cheese Beet & Cauliflower Flatbread, one of the best PC products!

This PC flatbread is super tasty and certified gluten free! It has great flavour and a crispy thin crust. I love to have one on hand if I’m hungry in a pinch. It’s very convenient as it’s cooked from frozen in only 12-14 minutes. Definitely makes for a quick and easy gluten free snack option!

2. PC Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Picture of PC Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix box.

This chocolate chip cookie mix is definitely one of the best gluten free president’s choice product, if not THE best GF cookie mix I have yet to try. The cookies are so simple to make, and come out deliciously chewy every time. My boyfriend ( who doesn’t eat gluten free) couldn’t even tell that these are gluten free; they are that good!

3. PC Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

Picture of PC Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Blend Box. This is one of the best gluten free President's Choice products.

The President’s Choice GF all purpose flour blend is fantastic! I have used it in many gluten free recipes and all have turned out superb. It even includes xanthan gum in the blend so you don’t need to add it in separately, this blend is all you need! I also find it’s more affordable than other gluten free flour blends at $6.99CAD a box.

4. PC Gluten Free Breaded Shrimp

Picture of President's Choice gluten free breaded shrimp box. These are definitely one of the best gluten free President's Choice products.

When I went gluten free, I found there were so many appetizers that I couldn’t have anymore. Most were breaded and it was so disappointing. That why I was so excited when I saw that President’s Choice has Gluten Free Breaded Shrimp! This is such a great appetizer option for when I’m hosting a gluten free dinner, or even non GF guests (and most don’t even know it’s gluten free).

5. PC Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Burgers

Picture of PC gluten free Crispy Chicken Burgers, one of Thebes gluten free president's choice products.

These are definitely one of the best President’s Choice gluten free products! Chicken burgers are my favourite, and the fact that they are coated in a crispy gluten free rice coating makes these burgers my go-to. They come fully cooked and are quick and easy to make. I love to BBQ mine in the summer time!

6. PC Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

Picture of a bag of President's Choice gluten free hamburger buns.

The PC gluten free Hamburger buns are actually quite good! I use them along with the PC Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Burgers and it’s delicious! I do find you have to eat them within a day or two of buying though to keep them fresh and not crumbly.

7. President’s Choice Original Smokies

Picture of a package of President's Choice gluten free smokies.

The PC smokies are thick, juicy and gluten free! They were my go-to while camping all summer. You can pair it with the PC Gluten Free Hot Dog buns as well for a great gluten free classic hot dog. There are many other flavours available as well such as cheddar, jalapeño cheddar, Italian , and honey garlic (all gluten free!).

8. PC Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Picture of a box of President's Choice gluten free Pancake mix, one of the best gluten free PC products.

This gluten free pancake mix makes such fluffy, satisfying pancakes! I love making these as a special weekend morning treat. And it couldn’t be easier, just add water, eggs and butter. It is also super affordable at only $4.99CAD per box.

9. PC Gluten Free Chicken Strips

Picture of a box of PC gluten free chicken strips, one of the best gluten free President's Choice products.

These gluten free chicken strips are breaded with a rice flour coating and turn out deliciously crispy! They are also super easy to make, you just pop them in the oven for 20 minutes and they are good to go. The package doesn’t contain any dipping sauce though, so make sure you choose a gluten free sauce of your choice for dipping if desired.

10. PC Gluten Free Plain Bread Crumbs

Picture of a container of PC gluten free bread crumbs, one of the best gluten free President's Choice products.

These PC gluten free breadcrumbs are a staple in my household and are so versatile. I use them as a gluten free alternative whenever a recipe calls for breadcrumbs. I enjoy using these GF bread crumbs to make meatballs or for breading fish and chicken.

There you have it, the BEST Gluten Free President’s Choice Products that you have to try. They have lots of great products that are safe for people with Celiac Disease, a gluten allergy, or a gluten intolerance to safely enjoy. Going gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the foods you once loved, it’s just about knowing where to go and the products to buy.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other favourite gluten free PC products that I should try!

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