22 Quick and Easy Gluten Free Snack Ideas

A picture of a bowl of popcorn. Popcorn is on the 22 quick and easy gluten free snack ideas mentioned throughout this post.
Popcorn is an amazing quick and easy gluten free snack idea!

If you love to snack as much as I do, you know how important it is to have some quick and easy snacks on hand at all times. This can be tricky if you’re gluten free though, as options are limited. The worst part about being gluten free is being SO hungry and not having anything quick and convenient lying around to satisfy your cravings.  It’s in these moments that we are most likely to accidentally “slip” and possibly reach for something not gluten free (I always carry a GF free snack in my purse and my car for this reason!). Thats why I have outlined 22 quick and easy gluten free snack ideas below so that you are never caught off guard and have a go-to snack in a pinch!

1. Granola Bars

Gluten free granola bars are a fantastic filling snack! They can also be quite nutritious depending on the type. I like making my own homemade granola bars, but I also have store-bought gluten free granola bars on hand as well. They are great to throw in your car or purse for a quick and easy snack.

Find my favourite homemade granola bar recipe here. Just be sure to use certified gluten free oats!

My favourite store-bought certified gluten free granola bars are: Costco/Kirkland, and Kelloggs Special-K, and Made Good.

2. Hummus

Hummus is a fantastic and nutritious gluten free snack! It is also super quick and easy. Make some in advance and store it in your fridge, or pick some up at your local grocery store (most hummus does not include gluten, but ALWAYS check the ingredients label to make sure!).

I eat mine with gluten free crackers (Mary’s Organic Crackers from Costco are the BEST), or some fresh veggies like carrots, peppers and cucumbers.

If you’d like to try making some yourself, it is super quick and easy! My go-to recipe is this Easy Hummus from Inspired Taste.

3. Popcorn

This is one of my favourite quick and easy snack ideas. You can ‘pop’ it into the microwave and its done in minutes! OR even quicker is buying pre-popped bag popcorn and taking it on the go. Another healthier alternative is to pop your own kernels in a popcorn maker and drizzle some coconut oil on top instead of butter (delicious, healthy, vegan AND gluten free!).

Although popcorn is naturally gluten free, some brands have cross contamination risk, so its best to stick to certified Gluten Free products.

My favourite gluten free popcorn products are Orville Redenbacher’s, Bob’s Red Mill, Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, PopCorners, and Jiffy Pop.

4. Nuts

Nuts are naturally gluten free snacks that are quick, easy and nutritious! Just a handful of nuts is filling enough to satisfy my ‘hangry’ episodes.

My go to are almonds, but any nut that you prefer is a great option. Just make sure that they are plain or salted nuts. Be careful if they are roasted, or flavoured as there could be gluten added– always check the label!

Picture  of almonds in a bowl. Nuts are a great quick and easy gluten free snack.

5. Fruit

Fruit is a fantastic gluten free snack! It’s healthy, delicious, quick, and always gluten free! It’s truly a worry free gluten free snack.

My favourite on-the-go fruits are bananas and oranges- just grab, go, then peel to eat when hungry!

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great quick and easy gluten free snack idea. It’s full of probiotics that help to improve digestion (something that people with intolerances or Celiac Disease definitely need!). You can buy the snack sizes to easily bring with you on the go.

Beware of any “pre-made” yogurt parfaits- these are topped with gluten containing granola. If you want to enjoy a parfait, I suggest making your own. Buy some gluten free granola to put on top of your favourite yogurt. I also love adding some fresh berries!

7. Fruit with Nut Butter

I have been eating this snack since I was a child and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! I love to dip an apple into some natural peanut butter for a filling, tasty, gluten free snack. You can also use almond butter or even Nutella (that’s right, Nutella is gluten free!). Dipping strawberries in Nutella is a guilty pleasure of mine.

8. Corn Tortilla Chips with Salsa & Guacamole

Bowl of guacamole and corn tortilla chips. A great gluten free snack!

Who doesn’t love some tortilla chips with dip? Better yet, it can be enjoyed by us Gluten Free Folk!

It’s important to specifically buy gluten free CORN tortilla chips! Many store bought tortilla chips are made with flour and are not safe for people who eat gluten free. Thankfully there are many gluten free options made with corn instead. Look for a gluten free label on the package. My favourite are Que Pasa and La Cocina.

Salsa and guacamole traditionally do not contain any gluten ingredients. Always check the label though in case certain companies add it in. It is best for people with Celiac Disease to look for brands that are certified gluten free to guarantee no gluten additives or cross contamination. Better yet, you can make your own!

Find my favourite easy guacamole recipe here and salsa recipe here.

9. Nachos

Nachos are all around amazing and definitely earn their spot on the 22 quick and easy gluten free snack ideas list. Basically, take the same advice as above and buy some gluten free corn tortilla chips, add some cheese and your favourite toppings (tomatoes, peppers, jalapeños, olives, chicken, beef, etc) and pop it in the microwave. Dip it in some gluten free salsa, guacamole or sour cream for a delicious easy gluten free snack.

10. Veggies and Dip

A quick and easy gluten free snack idea is to chop up some of your favourite veggies and pair them with a dip. My favourite gluten free dip is tzatziki- made with greek yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and herbs. If you are dipping in salad dressings, such as Ranch, make sure to buy the GF version! Lots of salad dressings use wheat as a thickening agent.

11. Potato Chips

Ok, so not all potato chips are gluten free, but luckily there are many brands that are. Chips are such a quick and easy gluten free snack to have on the go or on a nice night in. Some popular brands with many gluten free options include Kettle, Miss Vickies, Lay’s, Ruffles, Veggie Straws, Old Dutch, and Cheetos.

A bag of Cheetos, one of the many types of bagged chips that are gluten free.

12. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a fantastic & easy gluten free snack that you can easily customize to your taste buds. You can buy it store bought (check the label!) or easily make your own. I love putting almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dates, and M&M’s in mine!

13. Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth like me, having some chocolate as a snack from time to time is essential. Lots of chocolate has gluten in it, but fortunately lots is also gluten free! Search through this page on the Celiac Disease Foundation website to check if your favourite chocolate bars are gluten free.

14. Smoothies

A great quick and easy gluten free snack is a smoothie! There are so many combinations you can try, the options are endless. Plus they are so good for you! I put frozen berries, yogurt, spinach, and almond milk in mine and it’s delicious. You can even add a gluten free protein powder for an extra nutrition boost!

15. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a great gluten free and vegan snack idea. They are a healthier alternative to potato chips and are packed with protein. You can make your own (I follow this recipe here) or buy them from the store.

16. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are so versatile! You can buy the plain rice cakes and use them as a bread substitute. I love putting avocado and a fried egg on one, or meat and cheese for an easy snack. I also love the flavoured rice cakes for an easy gluten free snack on the go. My favourite is the Quaker White Cheddar flavour.

17. Ice Cream

Ice cream in a bowl. Ice cream is one of the 22 quick and easy gluten free snack ideas.

Ice cream itself is naturally gluten free, but lots of additives are not, such as cookies. Cross contamination can also occur between ingredients in the production process. Luckily, there are SO many certified gluten free ice creams available now that are safe to consume if you are gluten free. Some common gluten free brands include Breyer’s and Chapmans (as long as there are no gluten containing ingredients added!).

Ice cream cones are NOT gluten free! If you want a cone you must specifically buy a certified gluten free version.

18. GF Crackers and Cheese

One of my go-to quick and easy snacks is gluten free crackers with cheese. I love Nut-Thins and Good Thins Rice crackers. You can even cut up some gluten free sausage or add some charcuterie meat to make it even tastier!

19. Cereal

The next on the list of 22 quick and easy gluten free snack ideas is Cereal. Gluten free cereals are such an easy quick snack when you’re in a bind. Check out the Natural Aisle of the grocery store for many options. My favourites are Nature’s Path and Made Good.

20. Oven Snacks

I ALWAYS have gluten free snacks in the freezer ready to be thrown in the oven in a pinch. This is great for late night snacks, or when company comes over. My favourites are gluten free pizzas, found in almost all grocery stores. Just pre-heat the oven, throw it in, and it’s ready to be snacked on within a few minutes.

21. Fruit Snacks

Popular fruit snack brands such as Welch’s or Sunkist are both gluten free! Conveniently packaged for on-the-go, this is a delicious quick gluten free snack idea.

22. Hard Boiled Egg

Eggs are naturally gluten free and make a quick and nutritious snack. A great on the go option is a hard boiled egg or two.

Picture of 3 hard boiled eggs. Eggs are a nutritious gluten free snack idea.

So there you have it, 22 quick and easy gluten free snack ideas that are equally delicious and convenient! Do you have any other go-to gluten free snack ideas? If so, share them in the comments!

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