Best Gluten Free Restaurants Downtown Edmonton

Picture of Edmonton's downtown skyline, where many of the best gluten free restaurants can be found.

Downtown Edmonton is the heart of the City for a reason. It is bustling with people, businesses, and many amazing restaurants. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to find a restaurant with many gluten free options.

I’ve been living downtown for a few years now and have found some great (and not so great) restaurants that offer gluten free cuisine. I have complied a list of the absolute BEST gluten free restaurants Downtown Edmonton that you have to try the next time your going out (or ordering in)!

1. Continental Treat Fine Bistro

Picture of the outside of Continental Treat gluten free restaurant downtown Edmonton.
Photo Credit: Continental Treat Fine Bistro Gluten Free- Jasper Ave

When it comes to the best gluten free restaurants in Downtown Edmonton, this one wins hands down! Everything on the menu is gluten free, so it is safe for people with Celiac Disease to enjoy a meal without the worry of cross contamination. They have definitely mastered the art of gluten free cooking. The food is so delicious that the friends and family I bring there can’t even tell it’s all gluten free!

The atmosphere is relaxed, cozy, and suited for a fine dining experience. The menu has a central and eastern European influence that doesn’t disappoint. My personal favourites are the pierogis, schnitzel and their famous creamy Pickle soup. You can even wash it down with one of the many gluten-free beer options!

Continental Treat started with a restaurant on Whyte Avenue. It was so successful that they opened up their second location downtown on Jasper Avenue. It is definitely one of the best gluten free restaurants on Whyte Avenue as well!

Click here to check out their delicious menu!

2. The Crêperie

Picture of a gluten free chocolate dessert crepe at the Creperie in Downtown Edmonton.

I finally went and tried the Creperie downtown Edmonton and can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time! As soon as you enter the restaurant you are transported into a romantic French cellar. The restaurant boasts a lot of privacy between tables which makes it the perfect date night spot.

Not only is the atmosphere great, but the food it to die for! And the best part is that the majority of the menu can be made gluten free, including gluten free crepes!

The restaurant offers dinner and lunch “3 course meal” specials that include a salad, a savoury crepe AND a desert crepe. I had the Crepe Miramar as my savoury option and Chocolate/Raspberry crepe for dessert and both were delicious!

Check out the HUGE gluten free menu here!

3. Old Spaghetti Factory

Picture of gluten free pasta from Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Edmonton.

When I think of a pasta restaurant, gluten free options don’t usually come to mind. But, Old Spaghetti Factory is the exception! Just because you are gluten free doesn’t mean you should miss out on delicious pasta, wine and and the classic Spumoni Ice Cream!

Old Spaghetti Factory is a Canadian restaurant chain that started in Gastown Vancouver and has since expanded across Canada. The food is delicious and there is an entire gluten free menu (yes, it includes pasta!). Also, prices are reasonable as they offer an “It’s All Included” deal where salad, Spumoni ice cream and coffee/tea is included with the price of your entree! I get the gluten free Creamy Seafood Alfredo every time I go and it certainly cures my pasta cravings.

Tip: If you go on your birthday they will give you a certificate for a free meal the next time you are there!

Check out the gluten free menu here!

4. Ruth Chris Steak House

Picture of a steak cut in half. Ruth Chris Steak House offers many gluten free options such as steak!

If you are looking for a gluten free fine dinging experience in Downtown Edmonton, look no further than Ruth Chris Steak House. It provides warm hospitality, classy atmosphere, and an extensive gluten free menu full of culinary delights, Ruth Chris Steak House is definitely one of the best gluten free restaurants downtown Edmonton.

Although it is a mixed kitchen with gluten items, Ruth Chris Steak House takes precautions to avoid cross contamination. They suggest speaking with the Manager or Chef about your dietary concerns before ordering. That way you can enjoy your delicious meal without worry. The gluten free menu boasts many different steak options as well as sides and dessert (the Creme Brulee is to die for!). You will not be disappointed!

Find the gluten free menu here!

5. Sherlock Holmes Pub

Picture of the outside of Sherlock Holmes pub which serves many gluten free dishes.
Photo Credit: Sherlock Holmes Pub Downtown Edmonton

Not only does Sherlock Holmes pub boast a delicious gluten free menu, it also brings some serious fun British Pub vibes! The Pub itself is situated in a cozy “cabin-esque” building nestled between the high rises of the downtown core. Once you enter you are greeted with lively atmosphere and friendly staff. Also, there is always something to look at as the walls are covered with sediments from previous guests.

If you go on a Friday or Saturday night the Pub hosts live musicians for entertainment. Mix this with their great happy hour and daily specials and your bound to have a fantastic night out. It is one of the best gluten free restaurants in downtown Edmonton because it has a separate gluten friendly menu with TONS of options! The menu even highlights that no items on it are put in a shared fryer, helping to lower the risk of cross-contamination. My favourites are the gluten free Tandoori Cauliflower for an appetizer and the Tower of London burger on a gluten free bun!

Find the menu options here (scroll down past the main menu to find the gluten free one!).

6. Japonaise Bistro

Gluten free sushi at Japonaise Bistro, one of the best gluten free restaurants downtown Edmonton.

Before going gluten free, Japonaise Bistro was one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Downtown Edmonton. They have the best sushi and authentic Japanese dishes. Once I began my gluten free diet was I nervous that I wouldn’t be able to eat there again, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have many gluten free options labelled right on the menu.

The menu has a “GF” label next to dishes already gluten free and a “GFA” -gluten free available option for dishes that can be made gluten free if you ask. My favourites are the Pressed Salmon Sushi and the Mango Tango rolls. Just make sure to ask for gluten free soy sauce!

Browse through the many gluten free options available on the menu here!

7. Remedy Cafe

Picture of a Remedy Cafe to-go cup that says "Remedy Loves You" on the outside. Remedy Cafe has many gluten free options.
Photo Credit: Remedy Cafe

Remedy Cafe is an Edmonton staple, with Cafe’s around the city including many scattered around the downtown core! Known for their delicious Chai, this cafe has much more to offer. They cater to gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free and vegan diets- all of which are labelled on the menu. The food menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Additionally, this cafe offers a trendy atmosphere great for grabbing a quick drink & bite to eat, catching up with friends, or spending hours working or studying.

My favourite dish is the Butter Chicken or one of the many gluten free wraps. And, I can’t go to Remedy without getting a Coconut Fog…try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Best For: Gluten Free AND Vegan/Dairy Free Diets
  • Price Range: $$
  • Cuisine Type: Indian and Pakistani
  • Location: Various Locations- Find the one nearest you here

Look at all the Gluten Free options available here!

8. OEB Breakfast Co.

Picture of a gluten free Belgian Waffle with powdered sugar and berries. You can get gluten free waffles at OEB breakfast CO.

OEB offers many classic and unique breakfast options. They focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients that do not disappoint. The best part is there are many gluten free items on the menu so you don’t have to miss out! Although there is no separate gluten free menu, the options are labelled with “GF” right on the regular menu.

My favourite dish is the gluten free Gnocchi Breakfast Carbonara, it’s to die for! I can’t wait to go back and try the gluten free Belgian Waffle. You can even wash down your delicious breakfast with a flavourful Mimosa Flight!

Check out the gluten free menu options here!

Do you have any other suggestions for the best gluten free restaurants downtown Edmonton? Please share them in the comments below!

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